Are you not entertained? ARE YOU NOT ENTERTAINED! Should Tattoos be a Banned Substance.

I will seize and cease this opportunity and tell you, yes… tell you as FANS what the reality of professional sports was and is today.

Now… I’m not going to give data to back what is going to be put forth here… but lets just say, in times such as these where the economics of everyday life require sacrifice, some of which is of the unspeakable kind… We as fans, if not the World look to sports as a means of escape.

Likewise, there are those moments when perseverance and adversity is a shared… through vicarious connections where those like the Babe points towards the outfield fence to summons the Gods and that a promise to little Johnny, bedridden in a local hospital is about to be made good.

Now the Babe, one of baseballs most prolific long-ballers has been said and proven to have played the game of baseball with a few alcoholic beverages bustling through his beefy veins or waiting for him in the dugout after a homerun trot around the bases… OH, and lets not forget, doing so under Prohibition.

Not withstanding… fans were not damaged from this knowledge, no, we were entertained, and these, these were the times… and no one even has suggested we place any of the achievements Ruth piled up under any type of scrutiny… and we shouldn’t… because fans were allowed then and now to abandon the everyday toils and tribulations of life and imagine, dream and anticipate what the next game would bring.

Nonetheless…there are still those that thrive in the illusion of record holding, the so called ‘purest’, which are nothing more then anal retentive theorists of the glitzy accoutrements of record keeping… and yes, the legitimizers of record breaking performance, which brings me to “Charlie Hustle,” Mr Pete Rose.

For years, ALL the years Rose played the game he played with the enthusiasm of a little leaguer, where the game was made better, not because of the records he set… it was by conpsicous effort.

BUT… Pete also liked to gamble, as much as Ruth liked to get drunk… and Rose to his detriment, included betting on baseball with his love of gambling and doing both while managing MLB.

Rose got caught, banned from baseball, denied entrence into its Hall of Fame and if asked, no one could or should challenge his love and respect for a game to which he gave his all, and along the way gave all us as fans those few precious moments to escape.

As for me, I pay to be entertained… I could care less about what the professional athlete does to keep his or her body on the field of play and competing at the level I laid-down my hard earned cash to see.

Though… I will also admit that the chasing and breaking of individual records has at times increased intrest, but this only allowed for a less subconscious and more cerebral attachment, which is as easily forgotten until the next day of life or anniversary bobble-head, statue or other type of special event is pressed into view… I pay to be entertained, not to look at or collect disfigured plastic heads flailing about on a spring made from an 8 cent piece of plastic.

Moreover… when I pay, I want to see those that compete at the highest level on the field, not sitting in the dugout or sideline or what have you… and I dont want to see them playing cheerleader using a team towel as a freaking pom-pom.

Therefore, if Ray Lewis, Armstrong, A-Rod, Bonds, McGwier… pick your favorite sports villain who dares to deliver the goods for those few blissful moments of escapism… by finding it necessary to spray, rub, ingest some type of substance to recover from injury or increase performance… Please, have at it… I’ll even pay a few extra bucks if need be.

See… the bottom line is this, my total economic price for being a fan is largely based on how much guys like the aforementioned demand in salary, and while I know this, it still does not take away from the game or the allure of the likes of a Kaepernick… Which maybe would suggest that Tattoos should be a banned substance.

Tattoos… BAN THEM!


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