Understanding Trump… it’s not an Art to Deal With

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After the fall of the Clinton umbrella of scumbag filled device, my mind and ability to reason such unthinkable outcomes have be laid to a peaceful rest. 

There have been to, to many years where politicians have come to promise much and delivered on nothing. 

We as Americans have lowered our standards of representation, and become increasingly accepting of mediocrity with an expectation of deserving nothing more then an existence: thriving on socialisms slanted perception of a particular state of entitlement, spreading redistributed wealth like manure on barren soil and expecting to produce a more diverse, thriving nation while demonizing legitimate efforts of success. 

The reality is quite different.

Socialism and its conceptual ‘thriving’ cause for producing greater diversity are devices for creating effective divisions within the whole. These divisions are peddled as ‘diversity’, but there is one huge problem.  

These elements of a forced ‘political diversity’ do not demand any aliegance, adherence or pursuits to of any of the established roots in capitalism, equality of representation and guaranteed freedoms.

And it is by design that this type of socialized political diversity has been imposed, as it seeks to affect the larger natural self determining segments: causing destruction of the larger self-determined American ‘variability’ Ideal of a thriving habitat, thus reducing its sustainability.

Trump has identified the problem, and it is politically motivated cause and effect at war with the natural cause and effect of founding intent. 

Now, this is what you need to understand. If you say “Nixsoniam” Trump is going to use a word that exacerbates that label… “tape” of Comey. 

What Trump is doing is so easy to see and understand. 

Trump knows he has done nothing wrong and in the end, it will be proven by all political or judicial probes. The more he proves the oppositions crazy or unhinged the more undesirable they become as electable and the “draining the swamp” can be made easier. 

It is the “one set of rules for them and one set for us” that most Americans can identify with.  And just today, with the “Trump giving classified intelligence to the Russians”… Trump is setting the table for the Hillary scandal being reopened and prosecuted. 

He gets the Democrates to demand answers and at the same time proves the “rules for us and them” thus proving the hypocrisy when it comes to equal justice, therefore the political injustice confirmed. It is simply brilliant.

Trump makes Last Push

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​One thing you can’t say… this guy doesn’t lack pure energy! 

And there is more…

Trump 2016

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The Indomitable Lucas Carr!

Redefining Winning in America

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I have been trying to understand the appeal of Trump… Yeah, I got my own ideas on why or how but I needed to ask others and this is what I have surmised from my conversations.

Winning in America used to be the ultimate reality show in self determination.

As Americans we usta gravitate towards any challenge especially those deemed against all odds.

We usta go out, meet any task head on, doing our best and stand proudly when beating all those who stood in our way… and then, being able to boast about it.

This was the way American usta be… And if I may steal a quote from one of baseballs greatest Dizzy Dean, “it ain’t bragging if you can do it” which now begets the label of being a bigot.

Donald Trumps greatest appeal is very simple… he wants to win and is not and will not be ashamed of wanting or acting or being a winner.

In America, winners have been redefined with participation trophies, where all participants are acknowledged equally, as to not offend. Dodgeball on the schoolyard recreation courts has been replaced with more gender neutral sports.

America has been defined by winners and losers all throughout its history and we have taken great pride in winning… against Tyranny and repression at both home and around the World.

Now we are told that we have to be ashamed of our historical heritage of winning.

This is Trumps appeal… We as Americans are natural born winners, it is part of our American DNA. 

We want to win and we want to boast, brag and have a swagger as Americans.  

And it is evident, thought the World, that our American winning swagger that was replaced by an apologetically ashamed Obama is sorely missed.

The Angry American

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A work in progress…

We as Americans have been reduced to sketchy, victim class scavengers, living and breathing like packs of roving animals; pacing and bagging like rabid dogs at the tables of our master, waiting for the scraps of a mere basic existence to be tossed upon the floor so we can challenge and fight.

Our government, built and and devised around a basic promise of equality, in both representation and Rights. But our apparatus of securing this basic cause has been maliciously used against us as a means to divide us into polarized groups.

We have been trained to find inequality in equality of opportunity… as to deny legitimacy for anyone who dares to become successful. Moreover, we are told that the course of their lives and their rights are no longer worthy of the basic promise; whereas equality in representation and Rights can only be expressed by and though enhancing the quality of the Whole by way of demonizing and redistributing success.

Throughout the years this enhanced experience in self-determining ne’re-do-wells has been manipulated by the federal government to produced equality based goals based upon liberal interpretation of our Constitution and Bill of Rights, which has been used to build and expand the needs of the of an ever increasing dependent class: Government that has become the sole sustaining life force.

The usurpation of the natural effects of the basic promise, producing a cause that’s only product is an effect of empowerment defined by division.

This is where our government has strayed from the basic promise and has redefined representation by way of lifting minority segments into super equality status, which comes with promises of inclusion into an American society, but this an elusion.

The demands of this type of equality in representation relies on division from the majority.

This is where claims of strength and diversity run in concentric waves, over and through the legitimate cause of basic equality outcomes that has produced a synthesized equality of representation.

As this occurs, false empowerment becomes entangled with the recognized in political empowerment where life sustaining needs divide the people from the basic promise into a dependent class.

Politicians realizing the power of sustaining this dependency have used this synthesized equality to develop large monolithic blocks of likeminded voting blocks with gerrymandering, immigration policy, entitlements and a whole laundry list for projecting equality.

But if the facts be known, the pursuit in artificial equality of representation has only produce a systemic representation, which is neither equal or representative.

In many cases these practices are used in conjunction with established divisions… race, ethnicity, gender… All for the all people like to point to the constitution in its entirety as being the pivot point but it’s not. The true pivot point of our American brand of democracy is our devotion to a strong military… it is the key component to the point of which all of our other principles revolve and are able to be realized.

Debate was Masterful Spreading of vote…Trump Preaches Unity

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No matter what you want to believe or expect from Trump, know this… His ability to negotiate the big deal is unquestionable.

Trumps debate performance last night was all about what he knows about his supporters loyalty and the 35 to 40 percent consistently delivered thus far.
By shutting down the personal attacks he made the hard conservative choice even harder to select among the other 3.  Moreover, the late undecideds are in the same boat… MASTERFUL!

Winning is Loosing proposition for Hard Line Conservatives.

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Just as Barack Obama supporters were hardwired to the race component, Trump supporters are just as or even more determined in there fed up with don nothing politicians.

Moreover… The hardline Conservatives better learn something quick about Trump supporters.  They will NEVER vote for anyone but Trump and will stay home come November if they have any kind of notions that Trumps was pushed out, which will guarantee a Hillary presidency.

Sorry folks.


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