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The numbers tell the story.

>Over the eight years of the Reagan Administration:
>20 million new jobs were created.
>Inflation dropped from 13.5% in 1980 to 4.1% by 1988.
>Unemployment fell from 7.6% to 5.5%.
>Net worth of families earning between $20,000 and $50,000 annually grew by 27%

>Real gross national product rose 26%.

>The prime interest rate was slashed by more than half, from an unprecedented 21.5% in January 1981 to 10% in August 1988.

>Adult black unemployment fell by 20 percent.
>Black teenage unemployment fell by 16 percent.

UNDER Mr. Obama:

>Adult black unemployment has increased by 42 percent.

>Black teenage unemployment has risen by 56 percent.

Screen Shot 2015-03-27 at 11.01.40 AM

A Compromise for a Best Possible Entitlement

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We are a nation built upon a foundation that seeks and achieves strength from compromise. This compromise comes in the form of entitlement and is for the best possible solution for change that is designed for maintaining the strength of Union: incremental change to continue, maintain and further the concepts of individual freedom for the many to become one.

This best possible is the charge of the Executive branch, which is debated, voted upon and brought to fruition by the presidential pen and is the only way to keep balance of the three-legged stool of our representative republic.

This concept of balance is hardened with the fuel of capitalism. Capitalism and its abilities for tempering is what make our representative republic a democracy.

Capitalisms empowerment has been circumvented with entitlements from our founding and it is the only one true leveler for insuring equality of representation.

Looking at the immigration issue in this light, the search for finding the best possible path of stability and growth has become nearly impossible to attain.

Again our capitalistic economy has grown dependent on the cheap labor of immigrants and this problem within our democracy has plagued from our founding.

Look to the Constitution where the compromise of counting African salves as 3/5th of a free white man for proposes of taxation and representation was our first use of an entitlement.

Yes, it was an entitlement as I have stated: Democracy in a representative republic where equality for all is the best possible, can only achieved though the self-determining affects of Capitalism.

In the above instance, wealthy southern slave owners were given an entitlement to free labor.

This cure or reorientation changed only the landscape but not the view.

To become intertwined into the American ethos by way of utilitarian entitlements has produced the inertia of speed and a direction for all forms of entitlements. Furthermore the great battleground for the middle class has produced mercenaries of the entitlement class.

Plainly put, entitlements that have passed to illegal immigrants through the children and have moored transformation: illegal to citizen from entitlements to votes that have crushed the self-determining effects of freedom.

Ergo true access to Democracy through the fusion of Capitalism has created just mere prefixes of a person with so-called economic empowerment.

Obama’s executive order for handling immigration problem for the best possible for a best possible fix

And She wants TO BE PRESIDENT… Hillary Plays ‘Stupid Woman’ Card with Email Explanation

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Im certain that I missed something… CERTAIN!

Let me get this right… Hillary Clinton said “she didn’t want to carry 2 phones”… because the emails that were personal could not be separated from the classified on only one handheld device?

Maybe I should run for president!

On my ONE device I have 4 mail servers directing my 6 email account into ONE inbox. I open my mail app, select my inbox and like magic ALL my personal and business emails appear… easy to plod thru and sort into its proper place.

SO… What Hillary MUST be asking us to believe is… .gov emails cannot be sent to a device that has more than ONE mail server?

Hillary is a liar!

Are you all really that stupid!

Understanding the Barack Obama Foreign Policy of Middle East Terrorism Management

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It kills me, better yet; it perplexes why NO ONE can grasp the cult of personality of Barack Obama and how this identity has shaped his administration and especially what I define as the foreign policy of Middle East terrorism management.

To address this we MUST do as Giuliani did when assessing the “Obama love of country” and look carefully at the Barack upbringing and influences.

What also needs to be said is the narcissist does not love anything or anyone more than him or herself.

In addition to this there is the Barack community organizer modus operandi, where problems become solved and or less pervasive by way of community action.

In a nutshell, the Obama end means of Middle East terrorism management is to have Israeli military might fight in defense of Muslims.

This feeds into the US Iran stratagem, and with the ISIS problem escalating; the catalyst needed has been created for producing the ideal, where allowing Israel to take the lead in regional military presence and the ability for talking the lead on taking out the Iran nuclear apparatus.

This is why the Obama administration is pissed off about the Congress and Benjamin Netanyahu talk.

The administration had successfully made US defense of Israeli interests disappear in the rearview window. With the invite from congress all bets are now off as ANY action that proceeds will take on the same type of esoterica found in the pejorative of a US nation-building scheme.

Obama with his ‘Crusades’ reference is so simple to understand and it has everything thing to do with the polarizing effects of the religious sanctuary, where killing in the name of allows all genocidal act of cleansing.

The US is acting as Roman Catholic Europe, offering no coherent plan for dealing with ISIS that has come with less and less US military presence or involvement.

This gives ISIS no clear definable enemy for a rallying point, which has pushed ISIS to kill indiscriminately, placing Muslim against Muslim.

In a Muslim against Muslim conflict religious extremist overtones can be redefined, placing religious kill in general as a footnote, whereas humanity becomes the self determining impetus:Humanity stands in defense of Humanity.

I know… This is not the US way of doing things. The Crusade took roughly 200 years, the problems in the Middle East, thousands of years.

The Obama approach is clear: He has begun to take the fuel of religion out of the argument, thus making the terrorist acts of extremists not Islamic and more like that of any Neo movement.

N.Korea Readies Navy as US threatens Sanctions for Hack Attack

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AOL’s Ryan Gorman Reports: North Korea threatens attack on White House as US mulls returning country to terror sponsor list…

Really! We are talking about N.Korea!

N.Korea Navy

N. Korea Navy
Readies for Battle

Mock Movie Poster

Assassinated Pyongyang Mock Interview Poster

Assassinated Pyongyang
Mock Interview Poster

If I were a Rich Jew -Yubby dibby dibby dibby dibby dibby dibby dum: ‘Comedic’ Emails about Obama… What is Sony Really Trying to Hide

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I’m not rich, nor a Jew… or a Jew that works in the entertainment industry, which… is also a hefty contributor to the democrat party. BTW… can I say Rich Jew?  Is not one synonymous with the other?  Is that Racist?

No worries, the contents of this post are from a email collaboration with one of my fellow Pyro’s while referencing Mel Brooks movies so it’s all good.

Nonetheless, Lets be clear on whys of Sonys reaction to the hack-attack… its not the possibility of violence towards and or terror heaped on mindless movie goers… as most of what the entertainment industry churns out is rife with over-the-top gratuitous violence.

What Sony is trying to avoid… The White Elephant standing in the middle of the room is not the content of a movie… IT IS the content of emails.

IT IS the grandest of spectacle that would arise from the aforementioned, that would rival the spectacle of carnage produced in the Great Coliseum… where the entire breadth of radical racial attitudes -not only towards the black jesus- would be exposed to all humanity.

IT WOULD BE the grandest of all ‘Big Releases’ that would finally lay bare the truth behind the modus operandi of those cleansed in piety of creating entertainment and the attitudes held… of the stupid unaware American cows… to only be affixed to screens of all size while chewing the cud of entertainment… unaware of an impending slaughter.

The Obama health care dude who thinks Americans are stupid -BTW… IS a Jew- and the outrage that ensued would be comparatively minuscule IF the TRUTH be KNOWN…

Remember… this is not racist… AS this was sent in a email, so it’s ALL GOOD and HAPPY CHANUKAH!

T Shirt ICONS… Bill Cosby T Shirt

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Bill joins our T Shirt ICON… and may have been telling us something with this T Shirt selection…

Past Installments:


The “I Can’t” Gang of 5



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