DACA, SHMACA… Trump Pulls Plug on another Obama Unconstitutional Folly   

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In AMERICA… we elect presidents and legislators, not Kings… nuff said.


If I believe a Flamethrower is an appropriate Response to your Right to Peacefully Assemble… Then What is the Real “ist” to Worry About

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If I said Supremacist, would race, color, creed, religion matter? 

If I said Extremists, would right, left matter?

If I said Racist or Sexist, Xenophobic, or Nazi, does it really make a difference to whatever the cause? 

Antifa… left wing extremists group, or maybe the equivalent response. 

So… Islamic Extremists, religious zealots, right wing conservative, left-wing radicals, White supremacist, Black militants, and yes, even now, Russian nationalists… or right wing nationalists in general. 

To have ‘condemnation’… is that strong enough or must we go further? 

If a Nazi group is not truly ‘Neo’, cuz they don’t wear swastika armbands and does not own a signed first edition of Mein Kamph… Neo-Nazi? Or does just plain Nazi, sez it all? 

For me, it’s real simple… if you or your group feeds on creating or building on a terrorizing fear that comes from any form of threat or intimidation, then your bad dudes and have no place in America. I don’t need to know or experience anymore then this.  

But then again… what about politicians? 

“Trump care will kill people,” “republicans want sick people to die, because medications will be to costly to afford, they have to choose between eating or medications…” well, of course, when it feeds your own personal political agenda, then… they are only trying to convey how dire the circumstances… not trying to use fear and intimidation. 

Civility among groups or citizens of a country start with those who are leaders. If words of fear and intimidation are commonplace within the debate of our leaders or political class, then do not words become like that of a white sheets, bats, tiki torches and cans of hairspray used as a flamethrower? 

“Give me liberty or give me death.” Patrick Henry.  And then… “Pig in a blanket, fry’m like bacon.” Black Lives Matter. 

Both you could say are inspired rehtoic… both suggests the sacrifice of life… both of civil servents… but one is a personal choice based in how a personal choice will doom the whole… the other… makes the killing of a civil servant an acccepable outcome of civil disobedience. 

I’m not so sure the path we are on is one that will produce a desired outcome for all Americans.

America… it’s Time to Amend our Divisions 

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Since the election of president Trump, I have been doing a great deal of reading and thinking to understand how America has devolved into such a divided cause.

Are we a becoming a Progressive Socialist society? Are we a nation that wants a guaranteed Right to free or affordable healthcare for every citizen? Are we a nation of citizens and assimilated immigrants that identify with an American culture, or a non-associated collective of persons… and these are just a few examples to be considered.

It can be said, that the guarantee of pursuits from the Rights of a self-determined, assimilated and unified cause of an enduring American identity, has slowly evolved over time into a society, rich with diversity.

That said… our rich and diverse woven tapestry has become more like that of a chess board of red and blue squares, where we as citizens have become the pawns of politicians: that have sought to polarize identity, synthesized it with ideological grouping, under the press of a mantra that thrives on power derived from division. 

This practice encourages forced identification under a systemic ideal of acceptance, where expressed differences of opinion or of societal acceptance become the intellectually laziness of broad castigation, under the erroneous of a worst common denominator of historical reference…. what have deeemed the Hitlersloth. 

This tactic was used effectively with race in the first presidential election of Barack Obama. Whereas, questioning Barack Obama’s experience, as it would relate to abilities to be an effective president, found those that dared, to be called racist, portrayed as “angry white males” and then further labeled as ‘Hitler like’ with their intent. 

This use of race became to be defined by some as “playing the race card.” But for politicians, the realization of its polarizing effects and power made way for a new strategies in ‘playing of a card’ in the past presidential election. 

First, it was the gender division… to be female is to know and experience discrimination, with “glass ceilings, wages… ” and yes… dare I say, “misogyny.”  Then the move to grouping or “community” of the LGBTQ, sometimes I and rarely Y.  

Before the past presidential election, being gay, was just gay.  But then, politicians got involved… and the colors of the rainbow all needed a letter to go with their particular preferences of gender and sexual orientation. 

This rainbow of diversity was grouped by liberal politicians attempting to create a social acceptance Pac-Man of the Hitlersloth… whereas, an individual who dared not agree with say, the ‘Q’ element of the LGBTQ community were therefore labeled an enemy of the whole.

This scheme was produced for rounding up and nullifying a conservative strong hold of evangelicals, Christians and more traditional social conservatives. 

Then you have Healthcare, that has become defined as a protected Right of all citizens, and yet, cannot be even remotely inferred within any recorded text of our founding… so where is justification found or where did it begin?

It is my belief, that this Right came into existence when then Speaker of the House Pelosi declared that Obamacare ‘is what was meant when defining the guarantees to life, liberty and pursuits of happiness’… it was the exact moment where it became clear that a new Right was being inferred, and this inference, has and will continue to cause chaos and division in our society. 

When a majority of American citizens affirmatively become to identify with a Right not explicitly defined, Constitutional framework provides the tool of amendment for plotting a new course and weaving this change into the fabric of the American ethos… for producing a durable, sustaining course of all citizens. 

Moreover, the founders understood that the evolution of this new ideal in governance was and would be a continual work in progress, built around a best possible at this time compromise.

As such, The amendment process, and use, was to insure equality from an unequivocal: moored by a standard in adherence to the Rights of its citizens, the guarantees of continued experience of a self-determined cause from pursuits, which are established within the liberties and freedoms for all its citizens.

The Eqaual Rights Amendment, that was first introduced back in the early 20’s and then was reintroduced in the late 60’s could be modified to include health care, gender equality and sexual identity… at this point, as Americans, is there any other way to go to begin to mend and restore the equality found within the true gifts of our unique and diverse American culture.

Politicians Crushed the Dignity of the Common Man in America… Trump wants to get it Back

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You can say what you will about the Trump victory… the glaring truth does remain.

For years, politicans in mostly Democratic States, that swung Trumps way, made promises to the Commomn Man and did not deliver. 

Then came along Trump. A successful, unabashedly confident businessman, giving recognition of how they have been played, and promising redemption… not by giving handouts or promised reeducation for new high technology jobs, nope.  

Trump promised restoring dignity, from what was taken from them… jobs in industry that were becoming extinct by way of punishing environmental regulation. 

If Trump is able to achieve any success in this promise, politicians in both parties, especially the more progressive, will be pushed even further out of power. 

West Virginia is just the latest example, the governor flipping to republican to match the majorities in the State legislature. 

So… when you wonder about all the Trump scandals being flung against the wall to see what if any stick, and none do, you need not to think any further then this post for why. 

Obama knew, Hillary knew what Obama knew… and Trump knew what Obama and Hillary knew… and Trump used it against Both of Them

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Politics is War… War has become political and before Trump, this basic knowledge allowed those in power to determine what is best for America and its people. 

From latest reports, Obama was aware of Russia’s attempts to “hack” the American elections process as early as May 2016… and did nothing. 

Hillary was aware after her private server was hacked, when emails were posted by Wikileaks’s concerning Podesta and the undermining of Sanders by the DNC.

Trump was aware of both and used it to defeat his opponents.

Obama did nothing, so one must ask why? 

Was it arrogance? Was it disbelief? Or… was it just as simple that Obama believed that Hillary could not loose and legitimacy given to Russia’s efforts would favor Trump and his ‘crooked’ labeling of Hillary and warnings of a “rigged system.”

However the reason, the president is charged with the sole duty to protect and defend Americans from both foreign and domestic attacks on our basic freedoms and liberties, it could be reasoned that Obamas response was lacking this awareness of duty and could be as some have suggested, a dereliction… but we will have to wait and see what the Obama sermon will be.

But if I had to guess, I am sure, sure as the Sun will rise in the East and set in the West, that when Obama answers the questions about his reaction and handling it will be like all the other Obama sermons… we -The American people- were not able to understand the intricacies, thus making it the erealivant cause and actions of a “JV team” and nothing of concern for as it could not threaten Americans and its interests. 

Trump… he knew exactly what Russia was doing, and not from some act of collusion, but from being made aware, just as all campaigns were made aware of Russia’s cyber activities.

The difference with Trump, he used this knowledge to expose weakness within the generally recognized strength and power that come from the level of position and experience. 

Trump knew that provoking of opponents with personal labels and a overt proclamations of a broken and rigged system would have them engage in sketchy behaviors that would delegitimize power from experience and position, which could now be more easily defined: Perceived as sustaining powers, protecting self sustaining interests and party political power, therefore can readily reasoned as actions to undermine the basic guarantee of equality in representation that serves all Americans and their interests. 

And is shaping up to do just that… when it comes down that Trump and his campaign did not colluded with the Russians, the swirl of the swamp being flushed will be in full motion. 

Update… Trump just said it at the G-20 about Obama and his handling of the Russia information with regard to election hacking… did nothing cuz he thought Hillary was going to win … 

Eradicating Obama… It takes no more than a stroke of a pen

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You got to begin to think, that if a presidency and it’s achievements can be nullified by the simple stroke of a pen then how superficial was it? 

The only Obama legacy building achievement that was legislation is Obamacare and it’s nullification is coming soon… everything else Obama did to build his legacy has been placed upon an ever increasing trash heap, and all from Trump proclaiming we’re not doing this anymore and signing off. 

So one really needs to think… What permanent change really came from your hopes? 

Sure, Osama bin Laden was eliminated on his watch, and the population of wanting to kill Americans at Guantánamo Bay were reduced… and pallets of US dollars were delivered to Iran for a bogus nuclear deal… guns were given to drug dealing cartels in Mexico to shoot American border agents… and the Benghazi embassy was overrun by terroists and Americans lost their lives over a ‘ video’… but really, what did Your Hope in Change give us? 

The Bell Curve of the Trump Prosona non Grata

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So… you pick up a copy of “The Art of the Deal” and you make yourself aware about the inner workings of the mind of a business man… competing in the world of real estate and building. 

The whole trust of the work… how to make others do what you want out of an orchestrated use of a prosona non grata Bell Curve. 


A Bell Curve devised for a person treated and seen as an unwelcome participant based on inexperience and abilities.

The Trump devised Bell Curve for political purposes relies on the same tactics of exposing weekness and undermining strength of not just a person… but an entire community. 

Trumps use of words and actions that label and engender knee jerk reactions, and are spectacularly done with intent and purpose as stated above… and this will continue so long as it continues to produce.

For instance… those folks jacked up on impeachment.  The use of the word “tapes” with the firing of ‘Colmey’… the rumors of getting rid of the appointed special prosecutor and not happy with your Attorney General. 

This is the Digital age… Why not use the word recorded?  Because the use of tapes and firing of an FBI director is Nixon and Watergate and the impeachment of a sitting president that resulted in resignation. 

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