A Blast From the Past

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Back in the day there was the Political and then… CAME THE PYRO!

After the destruction of the Blogsome Pyro blog by David Kaiser, these two meth-mouthed free spirits vanished into the ether… Well now they’re BACK!

The Jimmy Twins

The Jimmy Twins



Pyro FoodPorn

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Just a few offerings






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Rob Ford and Public Service:

“Creepy Ass Cracker” Zimmerman Trial Day Foe

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The Defense should ask Paula Deen to cross… now that she’s got no gig.

Trayvon Martin Breaks Sound Barrier

Trayvon Martin Breaks Sound Barrier



Tiki Score Board

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The Stalking-Horse of Vanquished Assimilation

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In the early part if the 20th century those immigrating to America daily by the hundreds became part of a process… a process born of necessity where not only surviving the trip was at times a gift of freedom in itself… assimilation and its batismal of fire affect purified the individuals self determined efforts, which has produced the durable, indelible and thriving existence of an American society.

This Americanized process of melting pot assimilation came with no guarantees for survival and was fostered by only the individuals Rights of freedom.

This process allowed and encouraged the individual to take matters into his or her own hands with a required first step to learn the English language.

As the passing days or weeks or months came and went individuals assimilating into the American culture becoming part of an ideal of freedom.

An ideal that was not only the fruits gained by individual self determination; sustained and built families that became the backbone for strength of community which are the stem cells of patriotism.

But not now; now there is no need to assimilate, and freedom has become the tools for immigrants to pickpocket American workers through a multitude of turnkey guarantees of government handouts… handouts that produce faith outside assimilation self determining effects. Thus, the entitled immigrant lacks any of the critical experiences for producing principled knowledge of freedoms true cause and its many duties of responsible citizenship.

Whereas the symbiotic relationship between the individual and government produces only entitlement feeding parasites: empowered by voting against any politicians threatening the host with its many feeding tentacles latched on like that of the mouth of the suckling pig.

This mind-numbed static cause of existence has produced unaware imprison souls that shun the nuclear strength of family; seeking the false strength found in communities of political empowerment, bordered under the concepts gerrymander.

It is these monolithic voting blocks, created and sustained under false pretenses that seek only sustaining the perpetuation of handouts. A Communities subsisting strength once found in the unity of family or ethnicity has become the guarantees of a generational existence on government entitlements.

Imagine if you will an ever expanding opening at the top of a straw, as the straw keeps on expanding so too does the birth increase down its lenth and the bottom of straw shrinks in size. America’s assimilation was much like a spinning-wheel for a silk, where you have an abundance of material that is spun into a durable single-strand, and assimilation is what produced this.

From each individual that comes from family each member becomes part of their assimilation into the American culture. Today in America the orifice that one enters into assimilation has expanding and stretched halfway down the straw, and so what took year or months now takes decades to become part of a loosly woven existance of nominal self determination that begs and fights for the hind teat of a milk depleted sow that has become government entitlement. And this generational entitlment has produced a blanket from our American ethos that now has huge sagging holes in it, where what is produced is used like asphalt to fix a pothole, that will eventually have to be filled over and over again… unless the road fixed from beginning to end and is paved over.

We could say that this is the tolerance of our Rights and Freedoms at work, that this is the outreach of our greatness as an American culture, where our society becoming more socialist without the durability of the greatest America can produce and is the essence of our durability, which is the permanence our patriotism sought from a divine Blessing of a Creator, which is the determination of ability to become the greatest producing, consuming and most militarily capable nation on the face of the Earth.

Because assimilation was key in order for the individual to become an affiming strength of an American ethos; we do not force, and that’s the word that must be used, FORCE the guarantees that came from the guarantees of the Blessing of the individual to self-determine… That are the gifts of Rights and Freedoms of Liberties pursuits. BUT our self-determination has become the byproduct of evil, where capitalistic pursuits, in essence have become that which forces out assimilation and paints those that by-in as slaves.

So our government in order to hide this slavery now has pursued the entitlement and empowerment for wealth redistribution in a more socialistic pursuit of assimilation, where class, race and situational hardship has become the expansion of monolitic devastation, that preaches about a faith that would be more appropriate for those dying from plague.

The underpinning which is the inertia or the force behind patriotism. Our military is nothing more than paid mercenaries from the spinning-wheel that can determine the persistence where it is exchanged in part of the economic engine. Our military are paid mercenaries, which are in actuality slaves that empower the masters of our government to use 3/5th of its citizens as quintessential meth-whores.

Freedom which was an entitlement from a self-determined Blessing and its empowerment through one’s perceptions in the urgency to become an American citizen see a lesson where Freedom is everything but secured Rights and pursuits of happiness from the Liberties or power to self determine. Your not the patriot unless the key element of our nation is that which self-determines principles of liberties that are not Freedoms from Rights but the ability to be entitled to empower efforts as a form of sustaining life where what do, I expect my government to give to me when I can’t afford it… and is the momentum of dissimilation the existence as an American.

American landscape and the way we see what has become producing new crops, crops that we’ve cultivated from our abundance, where now only exists an abundance of excrement as tree bearing fruit are not when walking through amber fields of grain, corn and farms where stockyards are full of cattle. America is a desert and looking the mirage is what we follow, until we find that were only being led and fooled by what we need as an ability sustain ourselves, which is from an attitude in our mind that is the hope and faith of our desperate clause of our circumstances.

And this is what we have come up against with our government it is a constant driving force, as class warfare is the equation of life: We are made to be desperate from the mirage of individual self determined success, and circumstances that are those leading us to one from one mirage to another is what our movement is trying to stop. When the ability to break free from this desert filled of miarage and into an oasis where plenty is a real manifestation of ones efforts has bees lost in the non exiting assimilation.

For American to become what it was the first steps on that path back to that road is to demand assimilation that once guaranteed only the opportunity not the outcome of reaping the fruits of labor. As long as our government allows those to access the largest of this nation and what it produces and not assimilate this country cannot and will not ever be on a path to creating greatness or a society of perpetual greatest and production known to mankind.

Are you not entertained? ARE YOU NOT ENTERTAINED! Should Tattoos be a Banned Substance.

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Are you not entertained? ARE YOU NOT ENTERTAINED! Should Tattoos be a Banned Substance..

Tattoos... BAN THEM!


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